School Consultations and Services

We provide consultative services to schools which include but are not limited to:

  • FBA and BIP development
  • PPT consultation
  • Educational and Behavioral programming reviews and evaluations
  • Staff Training and monitoring
  • Skills Assessments:
    • Developmental skills Social Skills
    • Functional Skills
    • Verbal Behavior
    • Ecological Assessments

In Home and Community Based ABA Therapy:

We provide in home ABA therapy to our clients and their families. In home ABA therapy consists of an initial and ongoing assessments where we identify areas of need for you and your child.

Examples of areas of need include but are not limited to:

  • Verbal behavior – teaching your child to use language in order to communicate their needs as well as understand what you are telling them.
  • Communication Training – We support and implement behavior based programs which teach children how to utilize language through the use of communication devices.
  • Social Skills – teaching your child to communicate effectively with others as well as understand other peoples perspectives.
  • Executive Functioning – teaching your child to prioritize and organize their behavior to match environmental expectations.
  • Problem Solving – teaching your child to solve problems effectively without becoming upset or resorting to aggressive, unexpected or unwanted behaviors.
  • Behavior Reduction of Aggressive or other unwanted Behaviors – teaching your child to access reinforcement without resorting to violence.
  • Parent Training – All programs will have a parent training component which our BCBA’s and ABA Therapist monitor. Our team will provide strategies and interventions to families and support them in the implementation of the programming. This promotes generalization, faster acquisition of skills and skill retention.
  • Potty Training – Potty training is addressed through parent training. We supply families with strategies and monitor programs with parent input and research based strategies in order facilitate successful toilet training.
  • Community Based Therapy – We provide therapy in a variety of settings in order to promote generalization of skills. Community outings with parents and families are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Precision Teaching – teaching your child to react fluently to environmental stimuli.


We provide Continuing Education Units to BCBA’s and BCaBA’s.

We accept most major insurance plans.

To find out if we work with your provider or if ABA therapy is covered by your
insurance plan, contact us today.